The Biggest And Most Humorous Images For Facebook

If you have a account on any of the social media services you’re bound to find some sort of an image with or without words that is going to make you laugh so hard just by taking a look at it. Social media especially Facebook is a good source and place to find these funny pictures all the time.

You just need to scroll a bit for your followers to share something great and this exactly what we’re going to talk about today, some really humorous images for facebook.




If you’re keen on sharing much of the things you see on Facebook, then we are sure you’re going to love sharing one of the following funny images, they’re not only funny but they’re so true and that is exactly what it makes them so great.


  • Here you can see a capture of a status of Facebook mixed with a really popular meme and you can see the joke just right out off the bat, I mean, single to married, make your own conclusions about it.



  • God could certainly face this problem if he ever had a Facebook account and well the other picture we can’t describe it, we really can’t, its so ironic and funny that well, just think about it.





Many people just change their Facebook status just like that just to show a point or something that they’re feeling, but sometimes it gets ridiculous, and the last image, well, it happens ALL THE TIME, that’s what we can say about it.

If so, please, don’t forget to share this topic or some of the images with your friends and family, using Facebook or any other social media you got.

Yummy And Delicious Images On Chocolate Day

What is best than chocolate?, obviously nothing. Today we want to treat our readers with something really delicious, something that in the minute you see it, you’re going to want to eat it, one of the most yummy things in this world, chocolate.

One can’t not get enough of it, you can eat everyday and you’re not going to get full of it or even bothered by it, so let’s start by sharing some images on chocolate day.




  • Chocolate is a delicious treat someone can have in every single day of the year, you can have it many different forms and colors. White, brown, dark, it doesn’t matter, they’re all delicious. You can have it in liquid form, or even in cups like in an ice cream or maybe in tablets, your choice is not going to change its flavor.




Nothing is better than chocolate and we’re sorry to say this. Not a friend, not a boyfriend or a girlfriend, just chocolate. If you have some issues or troubles, then have some chocolate, if you’re feeling stressed out or worried, then have some chocolate.





Chocolate just solves everything and its one of the best gifts you can do for someone, because, let’s be honest, who is going to say no to a nice and big piece of chocolate? just no one.

Leave your yummy comments on the comment section below and don’t forget to share these awesome images with your family and specially your friends, so they can starve and want a piece of chocolate.

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