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Beautiful Pictures Of Jesus Christ To Raise Up Your Faith

Since the dawn religion have been a source of inspiration fro artist, the idea of creating the perfect representation os their God is an idea that has been around always, that is why is no surprise that a lot of artist have made their own interpretations of the face of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, like in these Beautiful Pictures Of Jesus Christ To Raise Up Your Faith


This one looks so noble, like you imagine the son of God would look like, really an amazing representation of our lord and savior, he died for our sins and it should be represented as the hero and savior that he really was.


This artist thought the son of God deserves an amazing crown” so they gave a crown to Jesus Christ, because he might not be the king of kings, that is God, but he is the second most powerful and benevolent being in our religion.


But he wasn’t only the son of God, he was also a shepherd, deeply concerned of the well being of his crowd, and of all human beings for that matter, because no matter what, he will always be praying for our well being.


A simple representation, but really accurate, Jesus Christ was a saint, he didn’t need of much to prove that, after all, doing hundreds of miracles was prove enough of his holiness.


All and all no matter how many representations of Jesus are out there, there is only one Jesus and the fact that we believe in him is what’s important.

The internet is full of facts about Jesus, but the only ones that matter are that:

  • He died for our sins
  • he is our Shepard
  • he loves us
  • he prays for our well being
  • he will return some day

Go to church more often, involve yourself more in the community, that is the best way to gain yous ticket to heaven.

Religious Quotes For Children To Teach Them About God

We all have a special friend, that friend is always with us, not always can be seen but you always feel him close to you, that friend is named God, and it’s very importan to teach children about him since they are little, so here we give you these useful Religious Quotes For Children To Teach Them About God.


Teach them that they are a little miracle, that without God they wouldn’t exist, and most importantly, teach them to be grateful, because in this world, what are we without our gratefulness?.



Teach them that God is the father of all there is, we all are children of God and that we must respect and love our celestial father, because we are nothing without the constant guidance of our eternal father.



Teach them to not be afraid, because God is always by their side, and that everything that they do, they do it with the help of God, and you can’t ask for a better security system than God himself.



We are all miracles and we must be grateful for existing in this beautiful world that God Has created for us to inhabit it, because we only have one life to enjoy of all the amazing and beautiful things that God has created for us.



God is our father and he is always there for us, the least we can do is be respectful and love him over all the things in our lives, because is you don’t respect your father, who are you going to respect?.

You can also teach your kids about God by:

  • Taking them to church.
  • Having a long and meaningful talk about God
  • Showing them to be good people in general

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