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You Must Know That Love Is Always Patient And Kind

One of the greatest values of Buddhism is the gentle love or metta in Sanskrit. Although it sounds more like a hippie value in these times, the practice of metta is much older than Buddhism and the ancient holy men of India and Nepal preached about 3,000 years ago. These guys know that  Love Is Always Patient And Kind.

In short, the gentle love is unconditional desire for all living beings be happy. I know that might seem silly and naive, but the gentle love is the only cure for hatred, fear and distrust that we live in these times.



photography-of-a-breakup-Feel metta for all living beings is a very difficult task because in our culture trains us from boys to feel envy, desire and possess, to destroy what we want. okay in this culture “get even” and take revenge when someone stands between us and what we want. This seems frightening, but this is how it works and it is not until we grow when we have elements to see life in another way. The development of the gentle love is not to be naive and turn the other cheek. Neither is a hypocritical position that smile but hate silent. Metta is love and help everyone else interested a little in that all living beings have a chance to be happy.

The gentle love, filial, the couple and even a pet, begins when we love ourselves. When we develop security and front, with friendly smile and wisely. When we develop this awareness by our qualities and are aware of our mistakes and areas for improvement, we are ready to give unconditional love. All the hatred, envy and discord that we carry in our hearts is going to vanish in the air when we understand compassion and strive because others are always good.

What do you think of “gentle love” or “Metta”? It seems to us that it is a very nice ideology. One way of thinking that can be very refreshing for the soul, and soothing to the body.love-is-always-patient-and-kind-corinthians

Love-Is-Always-Patient-And-KindPlease leave your thoughts below in the comment box. We want to know what you think, so we will be attentive to read. It also shares these beautiful images of love with friends or boyfriend or girlfriend. I hope to see you soon.

Breakup images with quotes

breakup-images-with-quotes-We all know breakups are hard to deal with, all the feelings, thoughts running through your head, all the emptiness and the sadness, it’s always difficult no matter how many times you went through, that’s why we ask don’t cry with some of the breakup images with quotes that we’re going to show you.

Relationships are hard there’s no question about it but it’s always worth it all the time, all the effort that we put into in, because there’s nothing better than to feel in love.

As we breakup sometimes we can get a little bit bitter about it, especially when we get word about what is our ex doing or to say it properly who is he dating.breakup-images-for-whatsapp-



1-corinthians-Is not healthy to stay in a relationship out of fear of not having anyone to be there with you or just being in one because you got used to it, that’s not a good way to be happy.

Sometimes we’re blind to things that are in front of us, we need to always be aware of what’s happening around us, even if we’re in love and all that. It’s sad to let anyone go but is always for the best, remember that people are just gonna come in and out of our lives.