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Free Ecards Birthday Funny For Best Friend

If you want to poke a little fun at your friends in their birthday then the best way to do that is with one or all of these hilarious and Free Ecards Birthday Funny For Best Friend, totally free, you just need to print them or send them to your friends via email, be creative, the only limit is your own imagination.


Age is misterios, it make our bodies look strange as years pass, that is hilarious don’t you think? The fact that our bodies change over the pass of time is something hilarious.


There is nothing worst to have your birthday fall on a Monday, so why not make fun of that friend with that much bad luck.


The age humor never gets old, pun intended, so you can always count on with to make your friends laugh at themselves.


Only nineties kids will get this reference, because we a superior race, we where born between two centuries you know?


In this technology packed era, it’s a miracle to remember someone’s birthday without the help of social media.

  • Get your friends a nice pair of socks
  • take them out for a nice dinner
  • give them some candy
  • prepare a nice cake for them

Remember, they are your friend, go easy on them.

 Creative Home Made Birthday Presents For Friends

A friend’s birthday is a really great occasion to show them how much do you love and appreciate them, and what better way of doing that than with a home made birthday gift only for them?.

You just need a little imagination, glue, and maybe some internet tutorial to be sure that you are doing it the right way, so check out these cool and  Creative Home Made Birthday Presents For Friends.


Cupcakes are a great gift, no matter the occasion, so you can give your friend a nice arrangement of cupcakes to celebrate their birthday.


We all have an inner child, and that child needs to come out every onece in a while, so this home made doll set will be the prefect gift for that.


An exploding card is something beautiful and creative to give to a good friend, you just need to check out some tutorials and you will be fine.


You also can give them a nice poem in any formar you want, in a card, in a cake or even in a painting, just like this one tight here.


The internet is full of tutorial about how to do super creative cards, just search for the right one for your dear friend.

  • home made gifts are the best
  • your friend will love whatever you give to her
  • celebrate their birthday with a nice meal
  • have fun creating your best friend’s birthday gift

Don’t forget that the most precious gift in the world is your friendship.