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Protection Of Animals In Extinction And Funny Videos Of Animals

The term extinction, in ecology means the disappearance of a species or group of species. So, extinction occurs once killed the last of that species. Extinction is a relatively frequent in the history of the species that inhabit the Earth process: a very clear example is the extinction of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. So, there are some reasons to take care and Protect Endangered Animals. But there is one factor that is accelerating this process, and is the human intervention. The human being is threatening the survival of many species, for reasons different reasons.

Hunting or direct persecution of certain species. Pollution and climate change. The destruction of the habitat of the species: deforestation of forests, deforestation, new buildings, such as dams. An important fact is that in the last five centuries has caused the extinction of more than 800 species, 50 times the natural rate.Videos-Of-Funny-Animals



why-we-need-to-protect-animals-Some approaches to remedy this problem is that the governments of the countries to devote more money from its coffers to environmental investments, teaching in schools, businesses and involvement of politicians and the general public.

Hopefully is achieved stop the disappearance of species, as our lives are directly related to biodiversity. In all parts of the world, habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate, causing many species of wildlife are endangered. videos-de-animals-remix

Protect-Endangered-AnimalsAlthough there are a number of conservationists around the world trying to find and implement different methods to protect animal species endangered, it has not done enough to save the situation. People and governments have come up with different protection strategies, some of which have worked and others have failed to meet the targets set.

Videos Of Funny Animals

How many hours a day do you spend on the internet? I imagine that many, making hundreds of different things, or maybe not. But one of the things that many people often do is see funny things. And something really fun to do on the internet is funny videos of animals, which are hundreds of Videos Of Funny Animals.funny-animals-compilation

funniest-animals-tvThe animals really are a wonderful thing, we share the planet with them and in our eagerness to learn about their customs, often we find very funny expressions and events from the animal world.

Have you ever heard the poem “Roses are red, violets blue”? As for dogs this is a little different. Roses are gray, violets are gray, everything is gray, they are dogs. LOL. (Although they do not see everything in gray, it is a myth ? ).

This is your face when you win the lottery, I’m sure. If you take a picture at that moment it would be identical. It is logical, this little dog should feel exactly the same. What a surprise to find this box prizes! Beware of cats, they like to do things their own way, so if time missteps … better stay away. Because as he says, that’s none of your business.


animals-videos-instagramAnimals also go through stages where they feel they want to be something different, want to stand out, they do not want to go with the flow. Llamas are very artistic animals and postmodernists, seriously… Well … This was not planned. It is actually very strange, we can keep seeing this horse-shark all day asking “why”. But that is the internet, let’s just ignore it, at least as we can, and move on.

That’s all for today friend, I hope you liked the pictures, we also hope you leave us your thoughts below in the comment box. Tell us your funny experiences with pets or animals anywhere and situation.