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Top Of Wise End Of War Images With Quotes

War is one of the main problems that have affected the world since man is man. Human beings always have that damn habit of trying to solve conflicts with violence as an intermediary. Take a look to these End Of War Images With Quotes in this article.

But the consequences are always disastrous. For this reason, we have selected a series of sentences against war to encourage reflection on the subject.






  • War is one of the most violent reactions that always finds the human being to try to solve conflicts. And we could tell, never one of them has managed to make everyone conform.
  • For this reason, reflect on this issue through these sentences against the war we have selected is not a bad idea.
  • The world is ravaged by war. Wars are the most horrible acts that result from the clash of interests between human beings.

Coldly kill another human being with a gun, it sure is produced by a terrible situation, as intuitive and spiritually we are very clear that we can not and must not kill any living entity. 

There are many types of wars: wars between countries that generate collective terror, wars of interests between economic groups or wars between mafias that use killing to protect their interests.

Let us not forget that each person is fully responsible for what he does. This is confirmed by the laws of karma or more clearly: “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth”. Knowing this should not act as they do for their countries conceited imperialism, who think they have the right to impose their whims on others.

There is even an undeclared war against animals that are brought to slaughterhouses war. In short, there are many more wars we witness on the news, wars that cause suffering both military and civilians.

Please share this post on reflections of war. It is important to mankind remember the past, to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Take care.

A Life Lesson To Be Followed: Be A Good Son Images With Quotes

Being a good son is not just about loving your parents, it’s about learning and respecting your entire family. Some children just take for granted their parents but they don’t realize that their fathers and mothers are not going to be there for them all the time. You need to take advantage of all the time they got for you, love them, respect them and try to share time with them because you’ll never know when you may lose them. Today we want to talk about being a good son with some be a good son images with quotes.






Try to share some of your time doing something with your parents, just talking to them, sharing stories or maybe even something silly like watching or asking them for an advice, everything counts towards showing them that you care for them and that you respect them.




Always listen to your parents because they know things, they probably had experiences with somethings you may dealing right now, don’t take for granted their words. Sometimes we just don’t want to pay attention to them but think again and try to just listen.



  • Don’t be mean with your family and specially your parents, yes, they may be hard to deal with sometimes but in the end, they just want us to be happy and well, always try to remember that when you want to start an argument with them

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