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The Smallest And Most Adorable Dogs On Earth

Are you looking for a small dog, toy or miniature? Well look no further, because we are going to show smaller dog breeds in the world. And also you can take a look to these Photos Of The Smallest Dogs.

Although, initially, some of them were used in hunting small rodents or to flush out rabbits burrowing, today these races have become animals perfect company and some of them in the best races dog to keep you company.the-cutest-puppies



why-do-we-love-puppiesAustralian Silky Terrier. It is the result of the union of the Australian Terrier and Yorkshire. It was meant to hunt rodents. They weigh between 3 and 5 and a half kilos. They are very dynamic and like to play. Although you can display reluctant to contact with third parties, loves family life and be part of it.

Bichon frize. He is only 20 cm and 2 to 4 kg, is the funniest with its rounded appearance due to African and fluffy hair, and with a face that always makes him look cheerful. His story is full of ups and downs, and that became a common dog between the Mediterranean nobility, to be almost abandoned.

Maltese. Bichon Maltese origins are not well documented and dating from antiquity. It is believed that the Phoenicians introduced the breed in Malta, half a century before Christ. We distinguish in paintings for centuries, in which the nobles are accompanied by the same, so we observe that Maltese with the same current characteristics.

French Bulldog. The origins of French bulldog were in the early nineteenth century Nottingham, England, when breeders were interested in making a smaller version of English bulldog. The name comes because French bulldog became very popular in France. They are very affectionate, playful and easy to care for. Its popularity is directly related to how easy it is to live in cities.


Photos-Of-The-Smallest-Dogs-Boston Terrier. The Boston Terrier comes from New England and was created in the late nineteenth century by crossing an English Bulldog with white English terrier. Later other crossings could be made to reach its current appearance. It is a friendly, alert and playful dog. They are intelligent and easy to educate, but they need us mark the territory well or believe they send. All these dogs bring fun, entertainment, honey, and are always on your side to accompany you. Yes, they are equally or more active than a large dog, so we also need to exercise daily

Photos Of Sweet Puppies

Ah, we all love puppies are extremely adorable, that is, nothing else see a puppy anyone would softens the heart and wants to pet him and play with him. They are small hairballs full of tenderness that makes us very happy, so internet loves Photos Of Sweet Puppies

But let us see what is the chemistry behind this. Well, according to some scientific studies, the circuit that activates in our brain to see puppies or other lovely being is identical to that is activated when we have a human baby in the eyes.

Pleasure centers in our brain that are stimulated after watching a baby dog or baby are the same that when we fall in love, we practice sex, enjoy a good meal or consume psychoactive drugs.




breeds-of-tiny-dogs-Two different hormones are released into our body: on the one hand, oxytocin, which is the same that occurs after childbirth or during orgasm, which favors bonds of trust and affection are established. On the other hand, dopamine, which is associated with joy. This is because we are genetically programmed to take care of our babies, and do not lead our demise as a species.

In other words, realistically, take care of a young totally dependent on us is a bummer, but evolution has handled them so and so endearing, that wake us attachment and the need to protect them. Thus, the animals at birth are autonomous and do not need their parents, tend to be less physically attractive. And if not, take a look at the most insects, reptiles and fish.