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Beautiful Painting Of Jesus For You

Jesus Christ has to be one of the most illustrated figures of all time, the numbers of artists that have painted him can’t be put in numbers, so that’s why today we offer you these Beautiful Painting Of Jesus For You sou you can see the different interpretations that artist have gave our lord and savior.



This beautiful painting gives the image of a simple man, a very humble one, but you can see the knowledge and wisdom in his eyes, that is how you know that you are looking at the son of God.



Being the perfect son of God as Jesus Christ was, it’s only natural to think that he would be a beautiful man, according to this artist, he was a blonde man with blue eyes and a perfect bear.



On the other hand we have this painting more based on the geography and circumstances of the life of Jesus Christ, Because as you know, he lived near Africa and was raised by a poor couple.



But as we all know Jesus was a saint and it’s obvious that a lot of artist represent him as such, tacking care of an innocent creature, just like he always does for us, a true saint in my opinion.



Finally, we’ve got this really nice painting that represents a younger Jesus, but you can still feel the wisdom in his eyes.

There are still some facts that we can’t deny about Jesus Christ:

  • He was the son of God
  • He was a Saint
  • he cares about you
  • he wants you to have a healthy family life
  • he will be waiting for you in the kingdom of heaven

Try to make your own portraits of the lord, everybody can be an artist, and this is a great way to start.

Amazing Jesus Christ Wallpaper With Free Download

Jesus Christ is our lord and savior, he died in the cross in exchange of forgiving humanities sins, he is iconic and every person in this world knows his face, and today we offer you these Amazing Jesus Christ Wallpaper With Free Download so you can have Jesus Christ with you at any time, whether in your computer or in your celular phone.



Jesus Christ loves us, there is no doubt about that, and what better way to never forget that that with an awesome galaxy wallpaper? Because you know, heaven is up there somewhere just like space, is the perfect parallel if you ask me.



Sometimes the most simplistic option is the right one, something modest but equally inspiring none the less, with these beautiful depiction of our lord and savior you will be able to keep up with your busy life without loosing your faith.



Jesus is the perfect guide for our children, he will lead them through hard time, happy times and all their lives he will always be with them, because he is a Shepherd and we are he’s sheep, he guides us through all the hard times in our lives.


He is the Shepherd and and we are the sheep, he guide us in life and he is the best of guardian, because no matter the situation, he will always be praying for our well being, and any time you are feeling down, you will always be able to look up and ask him for help.



A nativity scene, I would personally used specially for Christmas but if you want to use as a regular wallpaper I won’t stop you, after all, we are free to express our love for Jesus Christ as we please.

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Jesus Christ is everyone’s best friend, and we can always count on him, so don’t be sad because you’ve got a friend in he.