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The Most Funny And Tender Dogs

The appearance of most of the puppies leads us to perceive big smiles on their faces. But are they really smiling? If we were asked if we believe that our dogs smile, we would respond immediately with a “yes of course”. These are ways to know Smile Dogs In Pictures.

And the truth is that we are not wrong. To live alongside our pets, we learn more about body language and establish unique forms of communication, in which only we know what we want to say.

tender-doggy-laughingUsually, when we noticed a gesture of a smile on a dog, this is accompanied by movements tail, ears back, eyes narrowed and caresses on our part. All that extra language, is the real smile.

We know that our dog is calm, happy and enjoying the moment. Except when they are agitated and have done much exercise, open mouth with lips drawn back, relaxed eyes, low-set ears and relaxed body equals a smile. ?

  • There is another kind of smiles that we noticed in our dogs and usually are accompanied by a playful and attentive attitude. As when we are in the park and our dog is playing around and suddenly something catches your attention, we see the face up to his ears, wags its tail and smiles. That means something caught his attention and it seems fun. 

Smile-Dogs-In-PicturesSleeping-Dogs-Soundtrack-Actually smile we see specifically in the face of our dog, is an involuntary reflex that responds to chemical stimuli that sends the brain to make the face corresponds to the emotion felt at that time (as happens in humans and in all social mammals).

But to be sure that smile refers precisely to our dog is happy we must also look at the whole body language.

It is important to remember that the action of showing teeth, is not a gesture that can be interpreted as smile. That’s a warning gesture and most likely be followed by aggressive behavior.

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Sleeping Dogs Soundtrack

puppy-cute-smilingYou can not make your puppy or adult dog sleep at night? Do you cry all night? If you and your dog are ready to go to sleep, make sure your dog count on an established routine and a good sleep environment. As in these photos of Sleeping Dogs Soundtrack

Then consider any changes or medical condition that your dog is experiencing. Taking into account these factors, You and your dog can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Create a good sleep environment. A puppy with insomnia, you can offer a warm blanket to sleep. Place near a clock that emits a rhythmic sound of ticking. You can also turn the radio on low volume or use a white noise machine to help the puppy to sleep.

Train your dog to sleep in a dog cage. Investigate and prepare to teach your dog that the crate is a good place. Place special treats in the back of the cage to encourage him to investigate. Be sure to say “kennel” or “cage” with a positive tone of voice. This tells you go to the cage to sleep is not a punishment.   

  • Make your dog to exercise a lot. Your dog may be restless at night if you do not get enough exercise during the day. Depending on the breed, age and physical condition of your dog, you could make it get tired in 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Establishes a nightly routine. Your dog do his business before bedtime. Give your dog his meal before bedtime. This will give you enough time to digest it and eliminate it. Try everything to be nice and quiet one hour before bedtime, which will prepare you for a night’s sleep.






cute-sleeped-dogGive it time. Your dog may need some time to get used to any change in the conditions of sleep. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise to feel tired is a great way to ensure a good night’s sleep for both.

Well, that’s all for now. They are some good tips to help your dog to sleep. It is important to have character to train a dog, if you let the dog do what you want, the two will have a hard time. I hope to share the post. Take care.