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Children Portrait Photography Ideas

Do you want to take cool pictures of your kids but you are not completely sure of how to do so? well here we offer you there awesome children portrait photography ideas, so you can take pictures like a pro and share them all over your social media sites so all your friend recognize your talent.


How about if you dress your kid in some fancy clothes and simply go to the backyard to snap some quick pictures? they will look natural and your kid will have fun while taking the pictures, so it’s a win win situation right there.



A simple effect like putting the black and white filter on your camera can be the difference between an Ok photo and a great one, so go ahead and play around with the different effects and filter of your camera.



another good example of black and white filter that takes this boy’s joy to a whole new level, you only need a little imagination to make a great picture of your adorable little angel.



Trying different camera angles you only need to attract your babies attention with a toy or a cookie so you can have adorable pictures just like this one.



Last but not least, why not ask your kid what they want to do in front of the camera? this way the pictures will look a lot more realistic.

Have a great day and don’t forget to share all those precious pictures with

  • friends
  • family
  • loved ones
  • and whoever wants to see your adorable kids being adorable

Follow these simple advices and in no time you’ll be uploading cool pictures of your children to the internet.

Childrens Photographer And The funny Pictures They Take

Children’s photographer have a really hard job, not all kids are willing to seat still and look at a camera for more than two seconds, so sometimes photographers have to go for the most relaxed route and simply take pictures of real children doing real children stuff, as an example for that here you have a selection of childrens photographer and the funny pictures they take.



This little girl over here sure loves Nutella, I mean who doesn’t love it? the photographer saw the opportunity and took advantage of it, just like a good photographer should, so take this advice, always have a camera with you at all times.


This little boy looks super serious with his big mustache, truly a perfect example of a funny moment captured by a photographer, and lets be honest here, that mustache/pacifier is hilarious by itself.



This baby saw something weir going on so obviously the took the chance to take this hilarious picture and then comforted the little baby, because what kind of monster would intermediately upload this picture and ignore the feelings of the model?



This is the perfect example of what happens when kids don’t stay still for a picture, a photographers gotta do what a photographers gotta do am I right?

You too can also become a great photographer you just need:

  • a camera
  • sense of humor
  • a little kid
  • lots of free time
  • and a computer.

There you have it folks, funny pictures of children, hope you guys enjoyed, don’t forget to share this on facebook, google+ and twitter. Until next time, have a nice day.