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Happy Birthday Funny Picture To Share With Friends

The best thing you can give or receive is the gift of laughter, so how about if you take the initiative and give your friends some of these Happy Birthday Funny Picture To Share With Friends, that way you would be giving them the most precious gift there is, besides of your mere presence that is.


The best part of a birthday besides being surrounded by beloved friends and family is of course cake, so why not joke around a little with this funny and cute little image. that will surely make them crack a smile during their birthday celebration.



Try as much as you want but chances are you will never be as cool as this dog over here, look at him, he wears sunglasses and wears a bow tie! so it’s the perfect image to wish your party loving friend to have a great birthday.



In contrast of the last image, there’s just a little chance to be as adorable as this little puppy right here, send this funny and adorable card to a dear friend to congratulate them in their birthday.



If science says so then it most be true, the more birthdays you have, the longer your life will be, isn’t that amazing? So share all this precious knowledge with your friends and family during their birthday to make them a little wiser.



Idea: print this image, go to your friend’s birthday party and simply hand them the picture as you go straight to the table where the cake is place, worst case scenario, your friend gets mad and doesn’t five you cake.

You can also give your friends real gifts like:

  • gift cards
  • candy
  • flowers
  • clothes
  • a new car
  • a pet

So, what are your thoughts on this post? did you liked the funny images? I really hope so.

I Funny Pictures To Share

We all enjoy a good laugh every once in a while, some say that laughter is the best medicine, and I sure hope that’s true because them I will surely live forever, and with these I Funny Pictures To Share you can also try to live forever thanks to laughter and being in a nice mood in general.



We all know that person that’s always “fishing” for compliments on facebook and we all know how annoying that can be, so why not poke a little fun at them with this hilarious that will surely make them laugh even if the joke is on them.



That weird feeling when you are in a bad mood and someone tells you you are funny but doesn’t tell you why, this hilarious image depicts it perfectly so go ahead and share this image, but don’t forget to add some wisecracking message so your friends know that you are only joking.



Internet is full of cats and there’s a reason for that, they are simply hilarious, just look at this little kitten’s face, you can’t deny that is pretty funny.



If you have a darker sense of humor them this hilarious picture will at least make you smile, we’ve all thought something similar at some pint of our lives.



When you take a delicious looking cookie and bite it with thoughts of chocolate chips already in your mind and then you discover with horror and disgust that those creamy looking chocolate chips were raisins all along, that would traumatice anyone.

You can also make hilarious comments on social media without images for example you can:

  • talk about your family
  • make fun or your friends
  • share hilarious videos
  • make jokes about recent events, is your choice.

Did you laugh? I hope so because I did.