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Jesus Pictures For Background Free Download

Our lord and savior Jesus Christ is always with us, watching us and praying for our well being, if you need a modern and practical way to always have that in mind, why don’t you try one of these amazing Jesus Pictures For Background Free Download? That way you can always have Jesus ins your mind and in your cellphone or computer.


If this image doesn’t leave it quite clear, Jesus is our lord and Savior we should all be thankful for his existence in the universe, because who knows where would we be if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ.



This beautiful wallpaper depicts Jesus Christ as exactly what he was, is and will be, the protector of our planet, he died for our sins in the cross and he deserves to be treated with all the respect in the world.



A beautiful sunset with one of the most known images in the world, Jesus Christ up in the cross, because as we all know, he died to save us from our sins, and someday, he will return ro take us to the heavens.



In Sao Pablo Brazil there is this amazing statue calles Christ the redeemer, without a doubt one of the most beautiful and breathtaking images a good christian can have the pleasure to witness.



Jesus is always in a constant battle against the forces of evil to protect us from them, because he is our protector, our savior and our lord, and he will always be praying for our well being.

You can help Jesus by:

  • being good to your friends and family
  • being a good person in general
  • helping people in need
  • always turning the other cheek
  • thinking about others before yourself

Jesus loves you, that is pretty much everything you need to know about him.

Happy Birthday Jesus Images For Facebook

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, that is no secret, but do you know what happens in December besides of Christmas? Well is Jesus Christ birthday of course, some can say that saying merry Christmas is too mainstream so if you want to be a little more original here you have these Happy Birthday Jesus Images For Facebook.



This happy birthday card for Jesus makes it look like if you were simply wishing a happy birthday to a friend, but we all know that Jesus is our friends so is a clever way to celebrate Christmas.



This card cuts to the case, it’s not only Christmas is Jesus Christ birthday and we have to celebrate that as what it is, a holiday, so go ahead and wish Jesus a happy birthday.



Wish your facebook friends a merry Christmas and also wish our lord and savior a happy birthday with the same card, is super practical if you think about it.





Something a little more simple with a nativity scene, truly a charming little birthday card for Jesus Christ our lord and savior.

You can celebrate Jesus Christ birthday by:

  • spending quality time with your loved ones
  • helping the homeless
  • being a good christian
  • celebrating christmas in a responsable way

There is only a couple months before Christmas, so you better have an appropriate wallpaper for the occasion.