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Photos Of Sea Animals Dangerous

The sea is a beautiful place, that goes without any doubt, but that does not mean is a safe place, beneath the surface lives an immense amount of deadly creatures that you need to watch out for if you want to be safe and to protect the people that you care about so take a look at these Photos Of Deadly Sea Animals for your own safety.


Of course we can have a collection of deadly sea creatures without the great white shark, since the day view of Jaws a lot off people can’t go near the osean even to this day, and that might be a little exaggerated because the movie itself was full of false facts about sharks.


This little octopus might come as a surprise, but this little guy uses those cool blue rings as a sign of danger, he is extremely poisonous and can kill a human being in a matter of hours, so be careful and don’t disturb animals while you are out for vacation.


The Portuguese Man-of-War Jellyfish is an extremely poisonous species of jellyfish, don’t let it’s appearance fool you, is a silent killer of the sea, so just don’t touch anything while being at the beach, please.


This little guy is not so bad as far as you don’t eat it, so just be careful on what do you order in your next trip to your local sushi bar, as it’s well known, this kind of fish does not attack unless you disturb it first.


This precious baby uses it’s spines to sting prey and people that bother it, don’t go near it and you should be safe.

other kinds of animals you should be on the look for safety purposes:

  • Dolphins
  • crabs
  • jellyfish
  • cigar snail

Look out for these killers of the sea nest time you decide to take a relaxing trip to the beach.

Beautiful Pictures Of Sea Animals For You

The ocean holds so much beauty and amazing sights that is almost unbelievable, and that taking into consideration that humans have more information about space than of our own oceans, so let’s take a look at just a few of the billions of creatures of the deep wit these Beautiful Pictures Of Sea Animals For You.



The dolphin is a common favorite, he seems like a pretty nice fellow doesn’t it? always smiling and doing it’s characteristic funny noises, which is their way of communicating with each other, you know, you can always learn a thing or two reading this blog.  


Clown fish are really one of the most beautiful fishes of the sea, with their brilliant colors and cute appearance, bey they are also really intelligent and adaptable, they live inside of anemone to protect themselves from predators.


Octopuses are said to be one of the most intelligent creatures of the sea, being able to resolve puzzles and they can also fit in really small and dark places, this make them a perfect subject to experiment with animal intelligence.


I like turtles, do you like turtles? Well that is great because these adorable sea fellas look really good while swimming, but sometimes they get a little confused and try to eat plastic bags thinking that those are jellyfishes.


despite popular believe, star fishes are not dumb, they only lack a brain, but that is not an impediment for them to pray on small fishes and crustaceans.

So now you know, despite of popular believe:

  • Shark are not that violent
  • starfishes are not dumb
  • turtles eat jellyfish
  • octopuses are really intelligent
  • clown fishes live inside anemones

Neat sea creatures pictures and facts just for you.