Poem For A Daughter Leaving Home

When a daughter leaves home is always something full of mixed emotions, you still see them as a little girl, but she is an adult know and she needs to go out and make a life of her own, something might change, she might not go to visit as often as you would like.

But she will always have a special place in your heart and that’s what really matters, so if you want to make the farewell more special, read them or give them one of these  Poem For A Daughter Leaving Home.


Remember that time you taught them how to ride a bike? those kinds of special moments will never leave you, because no matter what happens, she will always be your precious little girl.


You know they are ready to take the world by storm, and you want to let her know that, because you want them to be aware of the intelligent and beautiful young woman that they have become.


She will always be your little girl, and all you want from her is a little call every once in a while, and trust me, you will get those, because now she will need you more than ever.


Remember her that she will always have a place in home, because your home is her home as well, and you will have the chance once again to take good care of her, just like the good old times.


Tell her that you love her above all things in this world, and that’s only the truth, don’t ever be ashamed of sharing your feeling for her.

  • You will always be her mother
  • she will love you for ever
  • she will need you by her side
  • you will always take good care of her

Be kind to her, she will miss you as much as you will miss her.

Poems To My Daughter On Her Wedding Day

When a daughter is about to get married there is no way to put in order all the thoughts in your head, you still see her as a little girl but you know that is not the case, so what is the best thing to do in these kinds of situations? Read your daughter a beautiful poem to express your feelings, just like these beautiful poems Poems To My Daughter On Her Wedding Day.


It’s hard to watch her go, but deep inside you know se will always be your little girl, no matter what happens, and you trust her and you also know that her partner will make her very happy.


She is the most beautiful being in the world, for you she is perfect and you want her to be able to see that, because as we all know, you can’t love anybody if you don’t love yourself first, is all about perspective.


You can also give her a framed picture of you two as a  wedding gift, along with a beautiful poem to let her know how much you love her.


Most of us came to this world alone, and that is something important to learn, to be happy by ourselves, because maybe some people will not appreciate us as what we really are, and that is alright, is just a normal part of life.


Last but not least, give her a big hug full of love and tell her that she will always have a place in your heart.


  • you will not loose her
  • she will always be your little girl
  • she loves you
  • she will take care of you as you took care of her
  • she will never stop loving you

And don’t forget to say some nice words to the groom as well.

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