Incredible Words And Strong Women Poems

Today we want to address an interesting topic, a topic about women and the strength that they have to overcome all the hardships in this society who puts men always in front of women. It’s true that women in the past had no rights and no voice over the most important topics in the entire world, but with the sacrifice of incredible and powerful women that reality changed to what we know today, so let’s celebrate this new times with some strong women poems.

Even though women now have apparently the same right as men does, the reality is that we still are trapped on some elements of the past. Even now we can see how some people still believe that male gender is on top of the women and this can’t happen anymore, we need to change our ways as we already did from those archaic times.






  • But nothing is lost because those strong women from before were born on this age as well, the spirit and will of those women who gave their lives to protect and empower women, still exist in these present times.



  • Women are independent from the male gender, they’re exactly the same as us and we need to learn to respect them and not bring them down, they can do everything as we do and maybe much more.


  • Many people will surely be against this kind of thinking but we need to educate everyone about this important topic, and teach our future women to never feel bad or less than a man, they should be what they’re, strong, independent and beautiful women.



We don’t, that’s for sure. Only women can give birth and do all the amazing things that they do.

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Friends To Be Friends Images For Facebook To Share With Friends

Sharing this life with someone is one of the best things we can have growing up. Having someone to share our days, just to hang out for a bit, talking about any topic or just sharing some laughs, all those simple things comes from just one person, a friend. Today we want to talk a little bit more about friends with some friends to be friends images for facebook.


  • No one can’t deny that friends are little bits of heaven in earth. They’re here to share our time in this life with us, to make us feel better, to make us be better persons and to share our time with us.
  • That’s how big friend are for us, and we must not take them for granted.




With social media in these days, we can even be friends with people who we don’t know in person, and that’s something incredible that we never thought we could do in a million years, but now we can and nowadays this is something very common, sometimes those friends who you never saw are more willing to help you and to lend a hand than those who you met before.






There is a number of ways you can do to make friends, the most used way nowadays is just to log on in one of your social media and try to follow people and chat with them, this is a good way to get to know more people and to socialize and chat more with strangers. Another way would be the traditional one, just meeting people upfront in the street, or at work or just by going to any place. Either way you choose, if you have a good friend or make one, hold to it and don’t let go.

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