Important To Know About Non Toxic Baby Toys Images

Brands withdraw hundreds of thousands of products on the market to be hazardous to the health of children. We’ve all heard the news about the toxic components present in toys. Get here some Non Toxic Baby Toys Images.

It is that perhaps can not buy a toy for our children in peace? While buying a gift for a child should be a rewarding task, you must also involve a high degree of responsibility. Generally, a toy for a boy of five years is not appropriate for a three.





Bright paintings toys manufactured in the Pacific Rim, particularly China, on the dangers of lead paint. Also, following the problems experienced in recent years, it is desirable to reject those brightly colored toys manufactured in molds.



Children who are constantly with these toys in their mouths can suffer lead poisoning, which can cause irreversible neurological damage.

Ceramic toys manufactured outside the United States and the European Union for the possible presence of lead. For example, if your kids drink tea cups ceramic, lead in ceramics could spend infusion.



Products from any country outside the United States and Europe. For example, ceramics and Mexican candies have shown high levels of lead.  

  • Toys with small parts that may require choking hazard to young children. Government regulations specify that toys for children under three years may not contain pieces of less than 3 cm in diameter and 6 cm long.
  • Those toys with cords greater than 30cm long as they represent strangulation hazard for babies.
  • Magnetic toys that can be swallowed by young children

Please, let your opinion in the comment section below. This is a very important topic, since a lot of parent buy any toy to their children without knowing the chemicals or products which where used to create that toy.

Choosing The Perfect Newborn Baby Toys Images

Which is the best Newborn Baby Toys Images? What most like your baby in the first few months, when no word yet grasp objects or sit, are the things you can look and listen. At first, you see fuzzy and set at objects that are at a distance of approximately 8 to 14 inches (20-35 cm) from their eyes.

The human face will catch your attention? and can recognize yours to meet roughly 1 month of life? but you will also enjoy the pictures or drawings of faces of large size.





At this age they will draw the designs with great contrasts and bright colors because they are best seen. He has learned to appreciate sounds and soft music. Objects that move slowly and produce a gentle sound are much more interesting than those that are fixed and silent.



  • Hand toys: As your baby does not see very well from afar, appreciate all that put him in his line of sight. While there may still hold toys, show their preferences wanting to touch those you love.
  • Recorder or music box: Music is one of the best ways to entertain and calm your child. Let him hear various types of music and see how it responds.
  • Mobiles: Mobile can add a new dimension to the horizontal view of the world that has the baby. Looking for those with great contrasts of colors and designs. Many babies like toys especially with music.
  • Children this age look to the right 80 percent of the time, so that a toy placed above the head or to the left will have a limited value at this time. For safety, keep the toy out of reach.
  • Unbreakable mirror: Although not realize that they are looking at themselves at this stage, babies are fascinated to see reflected his image. And at the age of 3 months, maybe your baby has already established a relationship with his own image and has started to smile.

Please, leave your experience and tips in the comment section below. I’m sure that your opinion will be helpful for other new parents. Let’s make a great community. Hope you share this post about info of baby toys. See you soon.

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