Images Of Mother And Daughter Love To Share With Your Family

A bond that cannot be broken, so strong and so pure, that is the bond between a daughter and her mother. Today we want to celebrate this love.

By sharing some images of mother and daughter love so you can understand how they feel with one another, its not only a mother’s love, is something much more deep and something more meaningful.




  • When a mother gives birth to a little baby girl its something really unique, a moment so special that in the minute they share some warm and touches, they get instantly bonded for life because a mother’s love for a daughter knows no boundaries, it’s something just indescribable. 




A daughter is always going to be the best friend of her mom and this is because the bond they share not only as mother and daughter but also as women. A mother has only love for her daughter and she’s going to protect her from everything and everyone.





And at the same time a mother is the role model of the daughter. They always look up to their mothers and most of the time, they want to be exactly like her because her mother is the embodiment of the perfect being, someone caring with lots of love to give and a huge heart to forgive.

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The Miracle Of Birth With The Growth Of Twins Baby During Pregnancy

The miracle of life is something really amazing, we see all the process first hand, from when the baby is still inside the mothers womb, his formation, how he’s growing inside and his subsequent birth, all of these elements make having a children worth everything.




If having one kid is something wonderful, how about having two? how about if they’re twins?. That’s something to wonder about. Today we want to share with you a different topic, the miracle of birth with the growth of twins baby during pregnancy.

  • Having twins is not any different on having just one kid, at least in the medical sense but in a more general way, it’s totally different.
  • Not only you have to handle two kids but they’re going to look exactly the same, granted this is not a problem for any couple but it presents some challenges along the way.




Here we got some images of how twins develop in the womb. You can see they both have different amniotic sacks and they don’t share the placenta as well and of course they both have their own umbilical cord, conduct in which they get all the nutrients they need to grow.






And here you can see the amazing result of the birth, two beautiful babies who just look exactly the same. One thing that we’re not sur about is the connection of the twins. It’s said that twins share some sort of a link between them and they can feel things.

even if they’re not the ones who are experience the actual moment and we have to wonder about this. Could this be true?

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