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Many parents, for safety and fear, prefer their children play in the house. However, the Child Development Forum confirmed that the outdoor games are key to the physical and emotional development of children. Let’s check it out with some illustrations of Kids Playing Cartoon.

For health. Play, run or hike in a park or on the street, helps children improve motor skills and coordination. It also prevents physical inactivity and obesity.Funny-Videos-For-Kids-To-Watch


Kids-Playing-CartoonTo potentiate their creativity. Being outside their homes, children feel free to be who they want to be (super heroes, animals, etc.). These games stimulate your imagination.

To reinforce them confidence in themselves. When playing outdoors, the ability to interact with more children increases with hours. Share activities not only strengthens relationships, but concepts such as courage and self-esteem.

To known more your children. Unlike the activities at home, outdoor games involve greater parental involvement. It is the opportunity to examine their physical performance, see what they like and perceive how they operate with others.

To strengthen the parental relationship. Crawl, get dirty and run with the children strength the feeling that, beyond the authority and respect, parents are loving figures who deserve confidence and that is worth sharing.

To avoid that are glued to the television or the computer. This is not to prohibit access to technology, but being front of the TV or the computer does not stimulate social and motor skills of children.

Do you let your children play outdoors? Wide this list with other reasons below in the comment box. It may help other parents to let their children play outside as well.funny-videos-for-kids-download

funny-dog-videos-for-kidsAlso, you can share this post with other parents in your social networks, that would be great. Thus, we show that it is wrong for children to play and get dirty. See you.

Funny Videos For Kids To Watch.


caterpillar-kidsThe experts believe that the minimum age to see the drawings are the 2 years and always controlling the content and time. It is essential to instill a good viewing habits and know collation with other physical activities both as educational. Lear about Funny Videos For Kids To Watch.

Today, television is so implanted in society that sometimes, without realizing it is more hours a day burning off, even though we are not seeing anything, we have set as background noise.

Television is not bad, it is a means of entertainment and communication which can learn many things, what is bad is to abuse her that too often small inculcated.

According to recent studies, most Spanish children spend watching television programs about 4 hours a day, leaving aside the book air activities or sports, reading and traditional toys.

Since they are small must inculcate good habits when watching TV putting up daily hours and choosing appropriate content for their age.

  • The American Association of Pediatrics recommends that babies under two years should not watch television at this age children should be active, must play and experience to develop.
  • From 3 years should watch TV more than 2 hours (separate), with other electronic devices. Nor is it appropriate that television is in the children’s room.
  • The most important thing is that parents set an example, we can not prohibit the child to watch TV if we have it on, albeit background, throughout the day.



cartoon-children-playing-It is best that children watch television accompanied by parents to monitor these contents because too many television programs transmitted images and messages that are unethical not recommended for children.

I hope you liked this information about which age your children must have to watch cartoons without worries. It is important to check the programs you child likes. Nowadays, the TV has some parental restriction, so your children can watch only the channels you let them watch. See you next time, please share this post with your friends.

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