Funny Happy Birthday Card For A Loved One

Birthdays are the most wonderful occasion, you’ve gotta get together with friends, hang out with family, eat cake and all along have a good time, but you know what makes a birthday even better? Funny birthday cards, to today we offer you these cool  Funny Happy Birthday Card For A Loved One so you and your loved ones can have a really cool birthday party.



A digital card does kinda make you feel a little superior, I’m not gonna lie to you, so go ahead and feel secretly superior to all your other friends because they are lame, and you are super cool.



But in this digital era remembering someones birthday without facebook is a gift as big as they can get, so rub it a little in your friends nose, not because you are a bad person, but because you are genuinely proud of yourself.



The birthday person is having a really good time, let’s remember them that without you, the party wouldn’t be the same. because you are their best friend a come on, what is a party without your best friend?



Or lets just say that we are all awesome and that we all deserve a little pat in the back for our awesomeness, because we are all unique and amazing, no discussion about that.



If you are a little lazy and the birthday person knows that lets go and make a joke about that, that’s totally cool.

If ecards aren’t your thing, then maybe you can also give your friends:

  • home made birthday cards
  • regular cards
  • musical birthday cards
  • teddy bears with messages

There you have it friends, funny ecards that you can give your friends and family to make them laugh in their birthday.

Pictures Of Funny Quotes To Make Your Friends Laugh

Sometimes life can be a little hard, and what’s the best way to deal with hard times? Well laughter of course, so here we give you these cool and and encouraging  Pictures Of Funny Quotes To Make Your Friends Laugh so you can be the life of the party and make yourself and all your loved ones laugh.


Who wants a vacation? because I really need one right now if you know what a I mean, I’m sure at least one of your friends can relate to this mighty need for relaxation and sleep, so go ahead and share this image with all your friends.



We’ve all been there, this image puts it better, bet hey, maybe we all just need a little more time to find mister or misses right you know? Just give you sometime alone and thing will naturally flow, I promise.



I’t funny because nobody likes raisins, specially when they are posing as delicious chocolate chips, so i’m sure that at least one of your friends is going to find this hilarious.



You know that grumpy friend? well I’m the grump of my group and I think this card is hilarious, so I figure your grumpy friend will think the same.



Have a little more self steam and go out to rock the world, enough said, you are beautiful baby, love you, you are the prettiest monkey in the zoo.

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  • and get a girlfriend by making the girl you lie laugh.

Was this post was funny enough for you? Hope so, have a good day you magnificent beast.

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