Delicious And Creative Photos Of Wedding Cakes

If you’re planning your own wedding or maybe helping a friend who is going to get wed pretty soon, you’ll surely need the biggest element on the wedding, of course we’re talking about the wedding cake. Today we want to discuss about this important topic for the ladies, sharing some delicious and creative photos of wedding cakes.

  • This part is usually hard for the bride because there are literally millions of cakes you can choose from, especially if you’re going to a bakery book and scroll through those amazing pages.
  • To look for your dreamy wedding cake but don’t be afraid because we want to help you with that search, for this same reason we have brought some different options to see if your eyes get some.



As with all, it all depends about your taste, a white cake, a black cake, a sugar cake, a butter cake, and we can keep on and on about different types of cakes, but in the end is up to you to choose from many different tips of cakes.

It doesn’t have to be hard, just think about what taste of cake would your prefer and work from there, if you’re a fan of chocolate.



Well start with that flavor base and then think about the design of it, for example this last wedding cake. You can see it’s a chocolate wedding cake, really beautiful and simple in design and on top of everything a really cool accessory to seal the deal.


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Photo Baby Shower Invitations For Those Big Upcoming Parties

If you’re planning your own baby shower, the topic of discussion today is what you’re looking for. Stay with us for a minute while we discuss about photo baby shower invitations. If you’re not willing to pay for a personal design for your invitations or if you’re a person who like to do it everything by herself then we got some really nice and cool ideas for you today.

  • It all depends on your taste, you can look over the internet thousand of options and designs for your baby shower invites but we want to make it a little bit easier for you, so we decided to collect some options and show them to you, in hoping that you can get some ideas out of them, and make a really amazing baby shower invite.




Begin first with deciding what you want to show on your invites, for example, here you got two designs with really cute and simple animals and a nice tiny font for all the writing. You can choose of a number of elements what you can add to your own invites.




Again we have more animal printing and some shapes and a cute little font, we have to say that, in all the options we looked, those were the common ones, meaning that those patterns are what people are using for their own invites. Last one is more of a simple design, just the font with the message and some shapes and bright color palette.

If you have a doubt or an idea, please share it with us using the comment section below and don’t forget to share this topic with your friends and family.

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