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Short And Sweet Love Quotes To Share With Your Loved One

Love is something wonderful, and sometimes you need to express your love for that person in all they ways that you can imagine just because you are so in love you can barely contain yourself, that is what love can do to a person, so, if you are under that amazing spell that is love, I think you might like to share these Short And Sweet Love Quotes To Share With Your Loved One with that special someone on your life.


Playing cat and mouse can be fun, specially if you are in love, so have fun and play with your romantic partner in life as much as you want, because you know really well that no matter what, they will always come after you.


We’ve all been there, thinking that love is not real and that all those people and all those movies are just big fat liars, until that special someone steps into our lives and changes it all, and that moment you understand all those cheesy romantic songs.


The most amazing feeling in this world is to love and be loved in return, so go ahead and share this with that special someone that you loves you no matter what and makes you feel special and unique.


If they make you feel like a princes, they are the right one, because they will protect you from the bad things and keep you company during the good times, and that is exactly what a good relationship is all about, so go ahead and find your prince charming.romantic-love-quote-about-life

When you can enjoy life no matter what and it’s all thanks to them, you know they are special, so give them this adorable card to thank them for they company.

And never forget:

  • they love you
  • you most love you first before loving anyone else
  • you will always find someone that will love you fro who you are
  • be patient and enjoy yourself

Have you someone to share all these beautiful quotes with?

Love Couple Hd Images To Use As Wallpaper

Love it’s amazing, it makes you feel like you are flying and all you can think about is your romantic partner and how much you love them, but sometimes being in love is not enough, sometimes you need to see love everywhere you go, and lets be real for a sec that is really hard.

So, instead you can fill your phone or computer with images of happy couples in love to feel better, so here you have these Love Couple Hd Images To Use As Wallpaper so you can feel the love anywhere you go.


A wedding, any girls dream, the day they’ll finally be reunited with the love of their lives, pretty romantic right? This would make a really adorable wallpaper and maybe a good way to send some hints at your boyfriend.


A nice vacation on the beach with that special someone, it really sounds romantic does’t it? so why don’t you take a really nice trip to the beach with your special someone to create some really romantic memories.


How about a nice sunset? everybody loves sunsets,becase they are romantic and stuff like that i guess, just giving my opinion right here, couples always look so happy while looking at the sunset.


And a wedding picture with the sunset really seems to e the best way to finish that precious ceremony don’t you think? Just relax for a moment with your new spouse.


If you want something a little more modern, then here you have this really cool wallpaper with a beautiful city background.

check out all these great locations to take romantic pictures with your loved one:

  • the park
  • the beach
  • your backyard
  • your house
  • the mall

Why not just take a picture with your loves one and use that picture as a wallpaper.




Romantic Quotes With Images To Shared With Loved One

If you want to bright up your romantic partner’s day but you are not sure about how to do that you can use one of these Romantic Quotes With Images To Shared With Loved One, is no big deal, but is something a little more special than a simple good morning message, so give it a try, the worst that could happen is they not liking it. Romantic-Quotes-With-Images-To-Shared-With-Loved-One And that someone is you! At least for your loves one, you know, make them know how much you love them. short-and-sweet-quote Something simple but romantic, you can’t say that a phrase like that does not sound like taken from a romantic movie or something. let-me-love-you-quote     Okay this one is literally the most precious and romantic thing I have ever heard, send it to them, I asure you it will make them smile. romanctic-quote-with-couple-kissing   Fill their heats with love and glee with this image, you are capable of anything just to see them smile, because they are happy, you are happy. romantic-quotes-to-share That can also be because of the cold weather but I digress, i don’t wanna ruin this precious and romantic image with my sarcasm.

  • Love is the most beautiful thing in the world
  • if you are single you will eventually find love
  • you can be happy without a partner
  • love yourself

Be happy by making your loved one happy too.

Kissing Pictures Romantic Couples In Black And White

Love is in the air, do you know what else is in the air? the artistic vibe than black and white images are capable of giving us, so why not convine those tow and use the result as a wallpaper for your phone or computer? That is a wonderful idea if you want my opinion, so come on and take a look at these romantic Kissing Pictures Romantic Couples In Black And White. Kissing-Pictures-Romantic-Couples-In-Black-And-White Ah Paris, the city of love and light, surely a super romantic setting for a couple in love to kiss, great wallpaper material, just imagine taking your romantic partner there and sharing a romantic moment in front of the Eiffel tower. couple-kissing-under-the-rain A true gentleman knows how to make a women feel special and like a real life princess, a simple kiss in the hand is enough to spark that romance light in a woman’s heart. Young people in love can be a little too much, but these too can make a bubblegum kiss look like something out of a romantic movie. cute-picture-of-a-couple-kissing We all want to know how a kiss under the rain would feel, probably not as confortable as these two lovers here but well, the fantasy still remains. romanctic-quote-with-couple-kissing Now to end this article, a simple couple kissing in the park, but that does not mean that is not a really romantic picture that would make an awesome wallpaper for your computer

  • Love is in the air
  • never forget to love yourself
  • romance come and go
  • but a good relationship will always be there
  • love is a complicated theme

Go out and find your own partner to take romantic pictures with.  

Lovely Sweet Short Love Poems For Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Take a chance to make your special someone’s birthday extra special with a beautiful poem that shows all your love and appreciation for them, here you have some examples of Lovely Sweet Short Love Poems For Boyfriend Or Girlfriend so you can choose your favorite and read it to them as a birthday present.


They are your sweet one the person that makes you smile no matter what, and you love them for that, so don’t be afraid of showing your love for them.


Sometimes the most simple things mean a lot,those small gestures or details that make life a little more magical and romantic, so don’t ever let aside those precious little gestures.


Love is in the air, take a deep breath and enjoy life with your special someone, life is too short to be angry about dumb things.


If you think that you need to thank them for being with you, then do it, whatever makes you happy my friend, because life is too short to be unhappy.


Love is one of the most precious things a human can feel, enjoy the feeling my friend, because is so rare to find someone to share all those precious emotions with.

  • Love is in the air
  • you can feel the love tonight
  • be grateful for your life and for your romantic partner
  • life is too short to live it unhappy

You can also write them a poem from the bottom of your heart.

Cute Romantic Love Photos Frames For You

You want to surprise your significant other with a romantic little detail for their birthday of Valentine’s day? well here you have the right thing for you, take a look at these Cute Romantic Love Photos Frames For You, you just need to print them, cut them and then you will have a lovely and romantic photo frame to put a nice picture of you two.


A heart shaped frame is really a classic and you can’t get more romantic than that, so this one should be a perfect option for your special someone.


A place for two individual pictures, even better, two for the price of one, a nice and romantic photo frame, I’m sure your significant other will love it.


Something a little more childish but still really sweet and romantic non the less, give it a chance, I’m sure they will love it just because you give it to them as a gift.


You can also given them a big box of chocolates with the photo frame, you know like a little extra for an already awesome and super romantic gift.


If none of these photo frames convinced you, you can always create your own with the program of your choice.

  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • don’t forget to love yourself
  • give love to receive love
  • romance is not dead

And never forget to smile and be grateful for your wonderful life.

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Love And Romantic Images To Make Valentines Day Cards

Love is something amazing don’t you think, is like all you can feel is positive energy and good vibes in general, and those good vibes can turn into creativity, and that creativity can lead you to create really romantic things, like valentine’s day cards for your special someone.

So is you really want to surprise them with a unique card then take a look at these Love And Romantic Images To Make Valentines Day Cards.




Simple yet really romantic, you can feel the love and all and all good energy that this adorable pictures has. A kiss at dawn is really something out of a romantic movie, it’s every girl’s dream to be able to experience something like that with their partner.

No need for too much, just each other and the rest of the world will disappear, really romantic and perfect material for a valentine’s day card. A romantic day at the beach is a perfect way to spend valentine’s day and if you want, you can also give them this card just before you guys head up to the beach.



Last but not least, a really nice and calming image to create your own romantic valentine’s day card, so don’t loose more time and get to it.

  • take your romantic partner to a nice place
  • have a good meal
  • take a romantic walk
  • go to the movies
  • enjoy of each others comapny

Don’t forget that valentine’s day might be only once a year, but your love for them is something of a daily basis.

Wedding Dresses Images And Prices For Your Wedding day

Finding the perfect wedding dress is no easy task, but fear not my friend because today I bring you the solution to all your problems, here you have a small list of Wedding Dresses Images And Prices For Your Wedding day so you can give it a look and figure out which kind of dress will suit you the best.

Simple yet fashionable, perfect if you want to keep things personal and humble, give it  try, you might end up liking it, and if you don’t this is only the first dress of the list.




The skirt in this dress is simply magnificent, I would wear it if I where you, but hey, it’s totally your choice. Let’s be real, you can look like a queen in this dress while still being approachable and elegant, simply perfect choice if you ask me.



If you want something with a lot of fabric then this is the dress for you, the more the merrier right? so go ahead and give this precious dress a try. You can also choose a precious mermaid style dress, a classic that will make you look like a model without any doubt.

  • You are special
  • you are a princess
  • you deserve to be treated like such
  • pick the dress you like the most

and don’t forget to get a prince charming for the wedding as well.


There Is Nothing That Time Does Not Cure, Good Night Wishes

We all know there’s nothing harder to deal than getting our hearts broken, it’s something we all have to deal with in some moment in our lives, only experience and wisdom can help you to overcome this and even with both of them, sometimes is just not enough to deal with the feelings or sadness and emptiness that you usually feel. Get a feel of this with some couple break up images.

Nothing can prepare you for all the pain and sadness that break ups fill make you feel, our only confort is to try to let everything go and not hold on to lost

sad-breakup-images-When we give ourselves to another person is not always easy to get back in our own feet and when you have a bad break up is even harder to do it, to pick the pieces left and move on.

We need time, time usually fix everything, the way we’re feeling and our ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, all the feelings in between, all gets easier when some time has



how-to-get-dumped-Remember that life is not over when you split up with your partner, you may be feeling down or simply depressed because you’re not going to share anything anymore but life still goes on. Things will get better, we promise, just don’t let this moment bring you down more than it should and all is going to fix itself eventually.

Good night wishes for friend.



good-night-wishes-for-friend-Is never easy to get a good night sleep and rest well for the next day, it seems almost like a task everyday to try to relax and sleep early and the majority of the times we don’t do it because we tend to do lots of things at night, instead of trying to go to bed early but before you got to get a good night sleep, send some good night wishes for friend.

There’s nothing better than to receive a good night message from a friend because it means they’re thinking about us and that they are wishing us to do well.

We all want our friends and family to be as well and as safe as we can be, this sentiment is shared by all people we’re are sure of that. Not only a message but a prayer is also good to do at night, to share some positive energy and feelings with our friends and loved ones.

couples-break-up-images-Don’t be shy to do it, if you’re feeling it then do it, send a good night message to someone you care about, let them know that you’re thinking about them, to do well and rest well.

We all hope our loved ones are doing good not only by night but the entire day, so in any moment of the day, if you’re thinking about someone then let them know about it, we’re sure they’ll love it.

If You Feel Bad We Have Some Love For Wallpapers

Love and disappointment apparently go by hand by hand and when we say this we don’t mean that being in love is bad or anything but rather being in love is hard, you have to deal with all the good and bad alike and sometimes it can get really rough and difficult to deal with, so that’s why we want to share with you some sad love pictures wallpapers when those moments arrive.

Remember having a bad experience doesn’t mean it’s going to repeat the same thing over and over, or that you can’t have a good relationship, when something goes bad, just learn from it.


sad-love-pictures-wallpapers-Remember that loves makes up for everything, when you find that one true love, it’s going to be forever and only for you, it’s something very big and special.

You may feel like you need to please everyone but that’s not the case, recognize which people make a difference in your life and focus all your love and energy towards them.

Sometimes we just need some time alone for us to deal with our feelings and thoughts and that’s good too, to reflect on what happened and what to do next.sad-images-with-quotes-


quotes-of-love-and-break-ups-Being hurt is not the end of the world, is just an experience and it may feel like your just got your heart taken out of your body but trust us, you’ll be fine in no time.

Love break up pictures


love-sad-pictures-for-tumblr-Today we’re going to talk about a little bit about break ups, how hard they can be for you and ways to deal with everything you’re feelings and thinking. First of all take a look at some love break up pictures and realize when something ends, it just ends, there’s no need to try to push things.

In a relationship you don’t need to say some things, basic things like respect, love and commitment are the backbone of the entire relationship.

You have to realize when a relationship is good for you and when its bad, don’t hold on to a situation that just brings you sadness and depressed



break-up-photos-with-quotes-If love is true then you can surrender yourself to it, to be transformed and molded by it but that’s only when you know your love is a solid thing that is not going to crumble.

No one needs a person that doesn’t want to be there, that’s for sure, one of the most famous and iconic sayings about love and breakups. If the relationship is not doing anything good for you, then walk away and look for something better, there’s always something hidden at plain sight for you.

You Must Know That Love Is Always Patient And Kind

One of the greatest values of Buddhism is the gentle love or metta in Sanskrit. Although it sounds more like a hippie value in these times, the practice of metta is much older than Buddhism and the ancient holy men of India and Nepal preached about 3,000 years ago. These guys know that  Love Is Always Patient And Kind.

In short, the gentle love is unconditional desire for all living beings be happy. I know that might seem silly and naive, but the gentle love is the only cure for hatred, fear and distrust that we live in these times.



photography-of-a-breakup-Feel metta for all living beings is a very difficult task because in our culture trains us from boys to feel envy, desire and possess, to destroy what we want. okay in this culture “get even” and take revenge when someone stands between us and what we want. This seems frightening, but this is how it works and it is not until we grow when we have elements to see life in another way. The development of the gentle love is not to be naive and turn the other cheek. Neither is a hypocritical position that smile but hate silent. Metta is love and help everyone else interested a little in that all living beings have a chance to be happy.

The gentle love, filial, the couple and even a pet, begins when we love ourselves. When we develop security and front, with friendly smile and wisely. When we develop this awareness by our qualities and are aware of our mistakes and areas for improvement, we are ready to give unconditional love. All the hatred, envy and discord that we carry in our hearts is going to vanish in the air when we understand compassion and strive because others are always good.

What do you think of “gentle love” or “Metta”? It seems to us that it is a very nice ideology. One way of thinking that can be very refreshing for the soul, and soothing to the

Love-Is-Always-Patient-And-KindPlease leave your thoughts below in the comment box. We want to know what you think, so we will be attentive to read. It also shares these beautiful images of love with friends or boyfriend or girlfriend. I hope to see you soon.

Breakup images with quotes

breakup-images-with-quotes-We all know breakups are hard to deal with, all the feelings, thoughts running through your head, all the emptiness and the sadness, it’s always difficult no matter how many times you went through, that’s why we ask don’t cry with some of the breakup images with quotes that we’re going to show you.

Relationships are hard there’s no question about it but it’s always worth it all the time, all the effort that we put into in, because there’s nothing better than to feel in love.

As we breakup sometimes we can get a little bit bitter about it, especially when we get word about what is our ex doing or to say it properly who is he dating.breakup-images-for-whatsapp-



1-corinthians-Is not healthy to stay in a relationship out of fear of not having anyone to be there with you or just being in one because you got used to it, that’s not a good way to be happy.

Sometimes we’re blind to things that are in front of us, we need to always be aware of what’s happening around us, even if we’re in love and all that. It’s sad to let anyone go but is always for the best, remember that people are just gonna come in and out of our lives.

Cute And Innocent Pictures Of Children Around The World

“Our future is always going to be our children”, this saying may sound like something cliche but its so true, because when our times fade away, the only thing that is going to remain are our children and their vision of the future, that’s why is so important to educate them well and teach them not to make mistakes like we did in the past.

Today we want to share with you some pictures of children around the world. We all are different, that’s true, but that doesn’t mean we can get along with each other, and these next images prove it.

pictures-of-children-around-the-world spirit-of-a-child-images amazing-pics-of-children-around-the-world

That’s because they’re not tainting with negative thoughts about the world and about life. We need to learn from them, we need to end all the things that separate us and start by getting along with each other.

So then we can start being an example for our children and that they should do the same when they grow up.

beautiful-photos-of-kids-in-the-world children-around-the-world-pics-

Just take an example of these kids playing and laughing with each other, why can’t we be like this? why can’t we learn from this?. We’re old for somethings but we’re never old to keep learning even from those who we’re supposed to be teaching them.

All these innocence and fellowship, that’s exactly what we should be doing, not fighting about wealth and power, we should let that behind us and try to build a new future, a future without all the bad things we are actually doing it and the answer for this, are our children.

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Orphan Child Images For Those Who Want To Help

This world is full with many bad things, that is true but there’s also the other side, all the good things, feelings and people wanting to help others, that’s what hope is all about. Today we want to talk about a serious matter using some orphan child images.

We got lots of kids who lost their parents for a number of reasons (war, abandonment, diseases, etc) and they’re suffering because they have no families and no protection and love that they need to grow healthy and happy.

orphan-child-images orphan-kids-seeking-love orphans-international-movement

Some people work to help organizations that contribute in time and in resources to help this kids in need. They look for potential homes for them, they teach them, feed them and basically help them to grow but what they actually need is and stable environment to live in, good people who they can call mom and dad, and a normal life to live.


Look at the faces of all these kids, they’re happy and healthy kids who need protection and love, that’s all they need and you can guarantee this in many ways, you can share some time with them, donate some money or maybe even adopt one of these amazing kids.

help-for-orphan-kids joy-and-happiness-to-orphans



We can see here that people is willing to travel and give their time and effort to help all these orphan kids, and that is exactly what this world needs, more people that cares about others people suffering.



You can make a difference today, try to image a world where these kids have a home and a loving family, you can make that a reality for them and you can this, contacting an organization that works towards this goal. You can find more information over the internet if you care about this topic.

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Spectacular Friends Day Greeting Messages

There’s a day to celebrate everything, being healthy, being in love, being happy and of course, having a friend as well, it may sound like a surprise to you but its real and we can say that is just needed.

A day for you to remind that there’s a singular person that makes your days all the better, we’re talking of course about your friends, celebrate this special day with some friends day greeting messages.

friends-day-greeting-messages friendship-day-quotes-pictures best-quotes-friendship-day

  • You may be a softy or perhaps a tough cookie to crack but you can’t say that sharing your life with your friends is not worth it, all those moments that you shared, laughs, tears and happiness.
  • All those things are what make friends so awesome and you should take some time in your life to communicate those feelings towards them, so why don’t you try to send them some love with some messages.

true-friendship-quotes-images happy-friendship-day



If you want to express something then just use your words, never be afraid of this, if you have a really good friend and you want to say something to him or her, then just say it don’t just stand there and bottle up, it’s time for you to say exactly what you feel.




You can have lots of friends in your life but you already know that those are just people that are just passing by in your life, only your true friends are going to stay for the whole ride and they’re going to keep riding it long before it ends.

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Love For Mom Phrases, Show Them Some Love Today

There’s one person in this entire world you can always count on, your mom, that especial being that was put in this earth not only to give us life but to share their lives with us.

That protecting shield that is always with us, giving exactly what we need, love and support. Today we want to dedicate this post to them, to moms all around the world with some love for mom phrases.

best-mom-quotes-love love-for-mom-phrases

There’s not a single person on this earth that can say that they don’t love their mom, it’s pretty impossible to hear those words, granted, they can be a handful and sometimes they may not be pleasant at all.

mothers-day-quotes-images loving-your-mom-images loving-mom-quotes

After all, they’re moms and their job is to make sure we’re safe and sound and sometimes this can clash with our way of thinking but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them.

It just means that we as sons and daughters, have to have patience with them and to love them no matter what.



  • Being a mother is not an easy task, this we’re sure off but we can say that all the mothers agree that they wouldn’t change their jobs for nothing, all the satisfaction and love they get for being a mom trumps any negative things they may receive along the road.



  • We have to love our mom because you’re not going to get another one, you have only one mom and believe or not, she’s not going to be here for us forever, we need to cherish and appreciate all the time we have with her and learn to love and be patient with her.


There’s not another place more safer than a mother arms, that place where you can feel safe and protected, that is the power of a mom, the power to ease their sons and daughters sons with just one hug, that’s what being a mom is all about.

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Stunning Famous Babies Images

Celebrities are a big deal nowadays, when you’re reading in your morning newspaper some news about conflicts and the market, you just can’t miss that flashy news of some celebrity doing something probably wrong or scandalous.

That’s how they attract public and keep the public interested in them and when two celebrities get together and have babies, well the reports just go nuts for them, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, about some famous babies images.



  • Even though you may be or not fan of the news about celebrities, we’re sure you know at least a couple of famous babies, for example, one of the most notorious and famous babies in the entire world.
  • It has to be the children of pop superstar Victoria Beckham and her husband one of the most famous soccer player, David Beckham.



A big example between famous babies is the heir of a dynasty, we’re talking of course about the prince William son, a future king of kings, you just can’t top that tittle.


He even was famous when he wasn’t born yet but now you can see the proud couple showing their beautiful young baby.

As we said earlier in this post, a young upcoming star, David and Victoria Posh beautiful daughter, she’s so good looking and you can’t blame her because just look at their two parents, gorgeous people and this is exactly the result of that union.

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Lovely And Beautiful Images Of Children

If you have children of your own, you know how happy the make your entire life, just seeing them do the most basic of things brings so much joy to us, seeing them grow healthy and really happy is what makes everything worth it.

Today we have brought for you some lovely and beautiful images of children so you can remember exactly what parenting is all about.


Just nothing, nothing is better than to see your kid just laughing with that little cute face he does, that innocence in its face, all the joy that he’s feeling and the good moments and happy ones he’s making just by being himself, those memories are just priceless.



Let’s start by taking a look at this first image, this picture is just so wonderful, a really nice beautiful little lady with a fairy tale set up, as we can see in the picture, she’s probably having a blast by doing it and she’s really cute.

  • Again two beautiful little ladies, with really special moments taken in photos, just by looking at these two pictures, one can be grateful of having kids and being a part of that wonderful time in their lives.
  • We are here to share moments like this with our children, and we have to be sure that they’re really happy while they grow.
  • A happy child is a beautiful child.

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