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The Smallest And Most Adorable Dogs On Earth

Are you looking for a small dog, toy or miniature? Well look no further, because we are going to show smaller dog breeds in the world. And also you can take a look to these Photos Of The Smallest Dogs.

Although, initially, some of them were used in hunting small rodents or to flush out rabbits burrowing, today these races have become animals perfect company and some of them in the best races dog to keep you company.the-cutest-puppies



why-do-we-love-puppiesAustralian Silky Terrier. It is the result of the union of the Australian Terrier and Yorkshire. It was meant to hunt rodents. They weigh between 3 and 5 and a half kilos. They are very dynamic and like to play. Although you can display reluctant to contact with third parties, loves family life and be part of it.

Bichon frize. He is only 20 cm and 2 to 4 kg, is the funniest with its rounded appearance due to African and fluffy hair, and with a face that always makes him look cheerful. His story is full of ups and downs, and that became a common dog between the Mediterranean nobility, to be almost abandoned.

Maltese. Bichon Maltese origins are not well documented and dating from antiquity. It is believed that the Phoenicians introduced the breed in Malta, half a century before Christ. We distinguish in paintings for centuries, in which the nobles are accompanied by the same, so we observe that Maltese with the same current characteristics.

French Bulldog. The origins of French bulldog were in the early nineteenth century Nottingham, England, when breeders were interested in making a smaller version of English bulldog. The name comes because French bulldog became very popular in France. They are very affectionate, playful and easy to care for. Its popularity is directly related to how easy it is to live in cities.


Photos-Of-The-Smallest-Dogs-Boston Terrier. The Boston Terrier comes from New England and was created in the late nineteenth century by crossing an English Bulldog with white English terrier. Later other crossings could be made to reach its current appearance. It is a friendly, alert and playful dog. They are intelligent and easy to educate, but they need us mark the territory well or believe they send. All these dogs bring fun, entertainment, honey, and are always on your side to accompany you. Yes, they are equally or more active than a large dog, so we also need to exercise daily

Photos Of Sweet Puppies

Ah, we all love puppies are extremely adorable, that is, nothing else see a puppy anyone would softens the heart and wants to pet him and play with him. They are small hairballs full of tenderness that makes us very happy, so internet loves Photos Of Sweet Puppies

But let us see what is the chemistry behind this. Well, according to some scientific studies, the circuit that activates in our brain to see puppies or other lovely being is identical to that is activated when we have a human baby in the eyes.

Pleasure centers in our brain that are stimulated after watching a baby dog or baby are the same that when we fall in love, we practice sex, enjoy a good meal or consume psychoactive drugs.




breeds-of-tiny-dogs-Two different hormones are released into our body: on the one hand, oxytocin, which is the same that occurs after childbirth or during orgasm, which favors bonds of trust and affection are established. On the other hand, dopamine, which is associated with joy. This is because we are genetically programmed to take care of our babies, and do not lead our demise as a species.

In other words, realistically, take care of a young totally dependent on us is a bummer, but evolution has handled them so and so endearing, that wake us attachment and the need to protect them. Thus, the animals at birth are autonomous and do not need their parents, tend to be less physically attractive. And if not, take a look at the most insects, reptiles and fish.

Photos Of Wild Animals And Dogs Of Famous Races

Animals in their natural habitat can look wonderful, many people devote their lives to study the behavior of hundreds of different animals in many different environment. As you will see in these Photos Of Wild Animals.

Wild animals are only instinct, perform their daily routine and live in their environment, but if they need to hunt or defend their territory, they will do it without question. These are some examples of wild animals of Africa.Photos-Of-Wild-Animals

poisonous-animals-wild-Hippos. The hippo is responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other large animal. Hippos males actively defend their territories. Females also are known to become extremely aggressive if they feel that someone is near their babies, who remain in the water while she feeds on the shore.

Mosquito. The most dangerous creature in Africa is probably the mosquito, since it is responsible for killing more Africans than any other through the spread of malaria, dengue and other diseases. Malaria kills more than one million Africans every year, most of them children under five. African elephant. Especially older males and young males can be aggressive, even when not provoked. Most deaths are caused by an elephant stomped their victims to death. 

Black Mamba. Is one of the most dangerous snakes in Africa, and is feared in the east, center and south of the continent. It is aggressive when cornered and will not hesitate to attack. It can reach speeds up to 12 mph.

Nile crocodile. Crocodiles kill hundreds of people each year in Africa. The Nile crocodile can be found in almost all major rivers across the continent, as well as many lakes. Most deaths occur while people are washing or collecting food near the banks of rivers and lake shores.



savage-animals-of-africa-There you have it, a list of wild animals. Some appear to be harmless and docile, it is the image that the media gives us, but the truth is they are not domesticated animals and you have to be very careful.

However, that does not reduce its beauty, they are majestic creatures that have been there for thousands of years and just trying to defend what they deserve. I hope you share this post with others and see you soon.

Photos Of Hunting Dogs

Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but they are also excellent hunting companions. Dogs have been helping humans in hunting since ancient times, for example the Egyptians used to dogs to locate the Springboks. Take a look to these Photos Of Hunting Dogs used by humans since long time ago.



Photos-Of-Hunting-DogsThe hunt is rooted entirely in some breeds, which can be a problem for inexperienced owners, but for people who practice hunting as a means of survival or as a sport, hunting dogs are your ideal companions.

Dachshund. The Dachshund is a rare breed because of its small size, it is good for hunting and urban life. These long and small dogs use their powerful legs to locate a variety of small animals.

Fox Terrier. The Fox Terrier originated in England in the 17th century and was bred to seek and find foxes from their dens and hideouts. Their small bodies allow them to enter confined spaces and long legs allow them to pursue the trail of foxes.

Spanish Water Dog. He is very intelligent, agile and easy to train, the Spanish Water Dog is a medium sized dog that is well equipped to dive and retrieve waterfowl. Its dense fur makes the race more suitable for waterfowl hunting activities.

Beagle. The Beagle has a strong hunting instinct and boundless energy. They are excellent trackers but potential aggressors with other pets.birds-hunting-dogs-

best-dogs-for-huntingEnglish Springer Spaniel. Regarded as hunting dogs and bird dogs, these medium-sized dogs are named for their talent to scare birds from their hiding places so that their masters could shoot them.

Dogs are great companies, and can be very good allies in several areas alongside humans. It’s great to see how each breed of dog has its own abilities and characteristics that allows you to perform some tasks very well.

Protection Of Animals In Extinction And Funny Videos Of Animals

The term extinction, in ecology means the disappearance of a species or group of species. So, extinction occurs once killed the last of that species. Extinction is a relatively frequent in the history of the species that inhabit the Earth process: a very clear example is the extinction of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. So, there are some reasons to take care and Protect Endangered Animals. But there is one factor that is accelerating this process, and is the human intervention. The human being is threatening the survival of many species, for reasons different reasons.

Hunting or direct persecution of certain species. Pollution and climate change. The destruction of the habitat of the species: deforestation of forests, deforestation, new buildings, such as dams. An important fact is that in the last five centuries has caused the extinction of more than 800 species, 50 times the natural rate.Videos-Of-Funny-Animals



why-we-need-to-protect-animals-Some approaches to remedy this problem is that the governments of the countries to devote more money from its coffers to environmental investments, teaching in schools, businesses and involvement of politicians and the general public.

Hopefully is achieved stop the disappearance of species, as our lives are directly related to biodiversity. In all parts of the world, habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate, causing many species of wildlife are endangered. videos-de-animals-remix

Protect-Endangered-AnimalsAlthough there are a number of conservationists around the world trying to find and implement different methods to protect animal species endangered, it has not done enough to save the situation. People and governments have come up with different protection strategies, some of which have worked and others have failed to meet the targets set.

Videos Of Funny Animals

How many hours a day do you spend on the internet? I imagine that many, making hundreds of different things, or maybe not. But one of the things that many people often do is see funny things. And something really fun to do on the internet is funny videos of animals, which are hundreds of Videos Of Funny Animals.funny-animals-compilation

funniest-animals-tvThe animals really are a wonderful thing, we share the planet with them and in our eagerness to learn about their customs, often we find very funny expressions and events from the animal world.

Have you ever heard the poem “Roses are red, violets blue”? As for dogs this is a little different. Roses are gray, violets are gray, everything is gray, they are dogs. LOL. (Although they do not see everything in gray, it is a myth ? ).

This is your face when you win the lottery, I’m sure. If you take a picture at that moment it would be identical. It is logical, this little dog should feel exactly the same. What a surprise to find this box prizes! Beware of cats, they like to do things their own way, so if time missteps … better stay away. Because as he says, that’s none of your business.


animals-videos-instagramAnimals also go through stages where they feel they want to be something different, want to stand out, they do not want to go with the flow. Llamas are very artistic animals and postmodernists, seriously… Well … This was not planned. It is actually very strange, we can keep seeing this horse-shark all day asking “why”. But that is the internet, let’s just ignore it, at least as we can, and move on.

That’s all for today friend, I hope you liked the pictures, we also hope you leave us your thoughts below in the comment box. Tell us your funny experiences with pets or animals anywhere and situation.

Learn Important Lessons About Life With Pictures

Today we’re bringing a topic to your attention, a very important one, today we’re going to talk about life and what is the best way to live or at least, the best way to use your time in this life. Remember that we’re on borrowed time and we do not know when we have to depart, that’s why we should use time wisely, to live, to enjoy, to do all those things we want to do before our time is over, so let’s start by taking a look at some quotes about life images.

Holding a grudge is something silly to be honest, most people do but we encourage you to not follow this practice, we know sometimes it may be hard, especially if you were hurt but trust us, its just better to let go and move



wisdom-quotes-in-photos-Sometimes we got a crossroad ahead and sometimes this crossroad just combines and makes everything harder than it was already but we have the strength to do what we must in spite of everything.

Even though we try to be as perfect as we can, we must remember that we’re humans after all, we’re going to make mistakes, errors and many things more but that doesn’t mean we’re bad or that we’re not going to learn from those mistakes. Always believe in yourself, don’t let anyone bring you down, if you want to be successful, happy, proud and everything else, you just need one thing, believe in yourself.

This one is actually hard for most people, especially when they’re dealing with lots of pain but is also true, everything in this life happens for reasons, believe or not, knowing the reason or not, we have to accept it and continue living as usual, that reason may appear afterward for sure.

Images of wisdom with quotes




images-of-wisdom-with-quotes-Today we’re bringing an important topic to the table, not knowledge, not studies but a word that sometimes we misread it, wisdom. Wisdom is not about being smart or being the most intelligent person, using wisdom requires well to be honest more wisdom. Wisdom is more a mental state, is about knowing when to apply certain things or take decisions in the right time or even talking about something at the right moment, that’s what wisdom is all about, so lets start by taking some images of wisdom with quotes.

Some people are just mean sometimes without reason, of course this type of actions are not seen with good eyes, a person that uses wisdom knows when to talk and when to be quiet.


choose-wisdom-images-As with all in life, things or people are going to hold us back for sure but we need to realize this, and be wise about it, take the right path for us, so we can continue to move forward as we should. As we said earlier, wisdom is not about smarts or something that you can adquiere in schools, is more about your own personal journey as you search for it, that’s why is something very personal.

People should know when to let go and move on in their lives, this particular lesson is apparently hard for many people but we know you’re going to try to do this when you’re in some hard spot. You don’t need to bring anyone down to feel you better or to make you better, if you really want to know what makes someone great, is the ability to help others in times of real need.

The Most Impressive Images Of The Creations Of Nature

Today we’re going to talk about something that is both magical and mysterious at the same time, this satellite was always something human kind wanted to reach and they did, of course we’re talking about the moon, that singular object that provides not only light but it affects so much more in this earth. So let’s start by taking a look at some stunning pictures of the moon shall we?.

Here you can see a beautiful take from the forest, the full moon with all its brightness, is something worth to take a moment to just ponder don’t you think? This picture was taken by a telescope, you can see all the shapes, all the imperfections on its surface and you have to wonder, what would it feel like to be there, walking in the moon.images-of-a-white-moon-


stunning-pictures-of-the-moon-With a different light, you can see another side of the moon, this time not full but marvelous all the same, with a blue tone, this make a perfect picture for it.


blue-moon-in-photosAgain, we have here, another full moon shot, but this time is all white and clear, you can see how big it actually is, sometimes we just don’t pay attention to it but you should take some time and look at it. By an effect of the sky and gases around it, here we can see another layer of the moon, a blood red moon, its just spectacular.

Images of sea creatures



images-of-sea-creatures-Sea holds many secrets for us, even though all our technology and advances, there’s much to learn from it. We just scratched the surface of the sea, sort to speak of, because its an unknown territory for us yet, we must remember that 70% of the earth is covered by water and the deepness of it, its pretty much abysmal and those regions are yet to be explored. Today we’re going to bring some of the most unusual and stunning images of sea creatures.

This little fellow is one of the most intriguing and cute deep sea creatures, its like something taken out of a fantasy book or an invention but its much real for sure.

Another deep sea creature well known by us are sharks, of course not all of them live in the deepness of the sea but some species do and they’re really magnificent animals.giant-creatures-of-the-sea-

amazing-sea-creatures-You never are going to guess what this creature is, this is a sea cucumber, a really big one that is, they live in the bottom of the ocean and to be honest, this is one is pretty terrifying. One of the more lovely creatures at the sea, the sea horse, this docile animal is pretty common in the sea but this one in particular is pretty big and beautiful.

A mystery in the deep sea, this luminous squid lives in the deepness of the sea and we don’t know much of it but we can appreciate it for sure, how it uses its bright to light all that darkness in the sea.

A Good Night For Friends And A Big Farewell

Today we’re going to talk a little bit of sending some good wishes and images for friends and family before going to bed and why this is something you should always do. Take some time of your day to always say something good to those who you love, words are powerful and what a better use for them than to say good night wish for a friend.

Not only your family is important, remember to always consider your friends as well, not in vain there’s a saying that goes like “friends are the family we chose for us” We all want to protect our friends as if they were our own brothers and sisters, when a friendship is real and true, there’s nothing better than to share with them.cute-good-night-wishes-with-quotes-

farewell-photos-with-quotes-Even though you may think that you’re alone or nothing is thinking about you, strike that thought of your mind, there’s always thinking about you and there’s always a friend that want to talk with you.images-of-good-night-wishes-for-friends-



farewell-quotes-with-photos-But no only friends need a friendly message from time to time, our loved ones need that attention as well, so don’t forget to include them in your good night messages. And now that you sent that lovely good night message to your friends, it’s time to get some rest and have sweet dreams.

Pictures of farewell friends

Saying goodbye or farewell to friends are not the easiest thing to do in this life but sometimes live is just strange and we have to be apart of people that we know and love. It’s usually for the better but well, we’re humans after all and we feel deeply as well, that’s why there’s always a period of grieving when someone that we care about decides for any reasons to leave us, so in the spirit of the topic, we would like to share some pictures of farewell friends.

Friendship is never measured with distances, you can have a very deep and close relationship with someone that lives miles away from you, what’s important is the feeling of bonding between two people.

This saying is pretty much on the money, if you want to know how people feel about you or think about you, you need to go to straight to the source and ask but not only this, be a friend for your friends as if there was no tomorrow as well.

There’s not a better way to live than to take every day as if it were the last one, many people don’t realize it but we’re not going to be here forever and we should do everything we can to live our lives the way we want.




living-quotes-for-friends-images-Never settle for anything, do what you like to do regarding what everyone says, remember that only you have the power to construct your own life the way you want it to be, shape a great for yourself and for the people you love.

It may be hard to say goodbye but memories are what count at the end, those amazing memories with the people you love and cherish, embrace those memories and let them accompany always as if your friends were right by your side. 

For Lovers Of Sports

In the world of sports, we have many options and possibilities regarding tastes and of course preferences. Some people do not just like to watch sports but they like to do them as well, playing soccer or football, maybe shooting some hops in basketball, hitting some balls in baseball, you can name them all and of course for those adrenaline junkies, there’s even extreme sports that provide that extra boost for those who are very passionate about sports. Today we’re going to  take a look at some exciting photos of sports as well.

This sport or activity is not for the faint of heart, climbing is a dangerous and extreme sport but that doesn’t stop people from doing it and you can see in this picture how complicated it’s.



exciting-moments-in-sports-photos-Another extreme sport we can see in this image is basically jumping from an airplane, this one we’re sure many people would like to try but as with all other extreme sports, you need to have a good deal of knowledge and some supervision for your own safety.

This may not be a sport peerse but this is an activity of much excitement, riding a roller coaster is something that is adrenaline pumping and you just can’t ride it once you need to do it several times.



cool-sports-pictures-One of the oldest sports alive, boxing, is a very raw sport, it combines not only the physical strength of people but it test the will of a person and the stamina to endure everything that is going towards you. A winter extreme sport, snowboarding, something really fun and enjoyable that people likes to do in winter seasons much of the time, as with all other sports it needs practice and commitment.

Amazing pictures of sports

Today we’re going to talk about something that brings passion in people, something in which people expend lots of time training to get better, to compite and challenge others to see who’s better or more prepared, a challenge for the spirit and the body, of course we’re talking about sports and how they impact our daily lives with both perspectives, being just an spectator and a sports practitioner. Take a look at some amazing pictures of sports.

We got here one of the roughest sports, boxing, a sports that brings two people into a the same ground to prove their strength, stamina, skill, determination and spirit, this sport is not for the feint of heart and we can say that much about it.

This sport is one of the most known challenges in the Olympics, throwing the spear, this activity requires not only strength but the coordination of the entire body and the spirit to achieve the ultimate goal,



amazing-pictures-of-sports-One of the most known sports, professional football, it bring a team of many men to play against another with the objective to pass a ball from one side to another, requires a great deal of strength and strategic play.

This two activities are not sports but more of a hobby for some people, running and climbing, two outdoor activities with many people practicing today. Again another lets just say famous sport, basketball, basketball is a team play game, it requires stamina, coordination and A LOT of team play, is one of the most watched sports bringing all kinds of fans.

Most Fun Movies And Videos Of Babies

In the world of internet, many issues are funny. People create funny images with witty comments based on expressions and situations they can find out there. One of the most popular topics is the babies. For example, there are many Funny Videos Of Babys on internet.

This is because babies, due to they do not know well to control their muscles, are able to create very funny facial expressions and postures. And Internet loves this because creativity overflows. You can find hundreds of jokes fabricated from a single image.babys-videos




videos-for-babies-to-watchOne of the most important discoveries for babies, is when they understand that if they cry, his mother will feed them. So yes, if you cry a boobie appears. Although we said babies do not control their muscles well, actually they can create expressions that define very well when something they like or dislike. At I rest my case …

There is nothing more important in the world for babies their favorite cartoons. So, everyone can stop for a while, this baby sees Dora explores her wonderful world. The pick-a-boo is a very classic game that parents do with their babies. And for some reason, babies love these games. What happens in their little minds? Perhaps it is something like this.

Finally, if you are a new parent, you may not know how to care for your baby correctly. Thank goodness, internet helps us in this arduous task. So, for example, here we show you how not to raise your baby.

Movies For Babies

Many times we are surprised with the amount of things that parents do with our children, without thinking. Putting a baby less than 24 months in front of a television is one of these attitudes we take some, thinking only stimulate the creature. So you should take care letting your kid watch Movies For Babies.

No, the TV does not generate any cognitive benefit in these small beings. The study reveals that watching TV before age 2 does not contribute to improving language development and motor and visual skills of children. It does not help to improve your IQ.

Aside from not found evidence that attend television programs is beneficial for brain development of the baby, the researchers also found that watching TV at such a young age can carry a child to have problems such as obesity, impaired habits sleep, or attention problems.

They suggest to mothers that physical and emotional contact with their babies establish exert influence more and better cognitive development.videos-for-babies-to-watch-and-learn-




babies-funny-videos-dancingAlso they consider the small family environment has great hold on the development of their capabilities. At such an early age, television does not educate. What is educates attention, care, attitudes, characteristics and values that parents transmit to their babies.

Before 2 years of age, the baby already has a lot to learn: to walk, to eat, to sleep, to bond with their parents, to play Why put it in front of the TV? So before putting your baby in front of a TV, ask yourself if there is something else that the baby can take advantage of better way to learn more and better things.

The Funniest Animal Memes

Some animals can become very resourceful, other stubborn, others quiet. Be that as it may, the truth is that many pets and wild animals make us laugh with their expressions and attitudes. Watch these Funny Videos About Animals.

Animals are very witty, but sometimes people can also be something inventive with their pets. In this collection we bring a little of everything to make you laugh a lot.Funny-Videos-About-Animals


unny-animals-compilationAs I said, people can become very witty. Can you imagine walking as a fish? Do not? Well what if you take a look at this photo? Everything is possible with the right conditions.

Cats are very innocent and cuddly animals. How dare you insinuate that the cat was able to make the mess in your house? The cat is very shocked and hurt. This cat is impressed, this pair of great shoes, his human companion got them in rebate, impressive. The cat surely want some equal. The animals also like acting, singing, dancing. For example, you know that squirrels like to listen to music of the 80s? Yes, it is very common in many species of squirrels.Funny-Dogs-Pictures-For-FacebookSome say the animals are instinct, some kind of impulses that are printed in their DNA, but animals also act out of curiosity. Something attracted the attention of these animals, but can not decide what it is. What do you like animals? You think they are smart (or smarter than we think) and make these jokes on purpose? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

Funny Dogs Pictures For Facebook

We all love dogs. They are fantastic beings, very loving animals that can be great companions and more than friends. They can become like part of the family. Internet also loves dogs, so let’s laugh a little with Funny Dogs Pictures For FacebookI’m sure you have many funny stories from your canine friends. They are like the soul of the party sometimes. They are able to rejoice the day very easily.

Have you ever wondered why dogs chase its own tail? It seems that is to achieve a high degree of consciousness. They may have a very deep mind. Interesting. The dogs love to do exercise, stretch, warm, a little jogging. Finally, prepare for the big day when they will pursue their lifelong enemy: the postman.






animals-videos-instagramWe all know that cats and dogs do not get along very well always, these animals have different characters. Sometimes dogs can be more evil than cats. This dog, for example, scoffs at his companion cat.

Dogs are very curious, are always here and there, exploring, sniffing, playing with other animals. Perhaps the curiosity kills the dogs, or at least leave them stuck. Like other pets, some times we fail to understand the behavior of our furry friends. But we have no other choice but to try to please them, because they are great with us.

See Some Images Of The Best Inventions, And Some Incredible Mansions

When a need is born, this is when people start to use their minds to think of ways to satisfy this need, this is the base conception of how things are created, different inventions to make life easier for us, well, sometimes is not just because we need things to be easier, sometimes is just to make things funnier to be honest but this is a good thought as well, things can get a little bit serious sometimes right?, well that’s why today we have brought some extraordinary pictures of inventions. For example, you can see this funny invention about serving some condiments, we know this may not be entirely necessary but its pretty fun to do things like that right?

This invention is pretty necessary to be honest, I mean, who doesn’t have problems when you need to use your butter with a knife?, sometimes its very annoying and awkward to apply butter with a knife because it breaks when you’re about to take it.amazing-inventions-in-photos-


incredible-inventions-This one is a cool one we have never seen, a combination of a shoe and a sandal, when you need something more casual then you can take the sandal out and when you’re going to different places you can choose the shoe form.


cool-and-innovative-inventions-Here we have a really a different design of an old invention but this one is adapted to our current needs, the need to have all those plugs with enough space between them to put large connectors. A battery that can charge with cold temperatures? we’re sold on this one, especially since we can take advantage of our daily drinks to charge it up and at the same time charge our phones.

Best mansions in the world.

the-best-mansions-in-the-world-Mansions are enormous houses built with the purpose of having lots of people in the same roof. They’re often very very beautiful, amazing constructions of stunning quality but it comes with a big price tag on it. Watch some of the best mansions in the world.

Mansions are costly and they need lots of maintenance, because of its size and the piece of land it occupies. You can find any type of mansion, from the biggest to the smallest.




biggest-mansion-Sometimes mansions get built with more of a classic style, they tend to be really tall and feel like an old home of some sorts. They can have any number of rooms and floors, not only that but the majority of them comes with a pool and several recreation rooms.

If you want to own one of these houses you better be prepared to spend big bucks cause price ranges vary from 6-7 millions to a ridiculous amount of money. It would be nice to live in one of those doesn’t it? Well then, you better start working?